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Mushroom Bureau unveils integrated campaign
The Mushroom Bureau launched its first fully integrated communications campaign Mushrooms Make Sense on Monday and will unveil the promotional push to food the women’s press at a London launch event next week.
Submitted by Wellington News 3 days ago (via

UK manufacturers committed to invest more in technology, skills and innovation over the next two years
According to a recent survey, manufacturers' lobby group the EEF have found that the level opf investment in developing manufacturing in the UK is set to rise, despite an unprecedented lack of growth since World War Two.
From BBC Buisiness News on 29 June 2015 (via

The Business Inspector urges good record keeping
A new television programme is set to hit Britain’s screens reminding small businesses that they need to keep good records. Sponsored by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), The Business Inspectoris a four-part series that will be broadcast weekly on channel Five at 8pm from 17 March  and is presented by self-made haulage millionaire Hilary Devey who appeared on The Secret Millionaire.
Submitted by British News Portal on 4th Mar 2015 (via

The BP Financial Plan To Improve Production, Performance and Growth Through 2020
BP today outlined plans to further boost efficiency and reduce costs with the aim of improving its annual underlying pre-tax profitability by more than $3 billion over the next two to three years.
Submitted by The News Tin on 3rd Mar 2014 (via

Samprass announces 2015 profits
Samprass Group plc has now released its financial results for 2014. It recorded an underlying pre-tax profit of £17.7m, down substantially on the £27.3m of 2013. Including notional foreign exchange losses,the pre-tax profits were reduced to £14.2m. Post-tax profits were recorded at £27.4m, down from...
Submitted by British News Portal on 28th June 2015 (via

Should have thought of that in the first place
We have all got used to reading the lurid headlines and sordid details. But forget about Cheryl and Ashley the actual reality of what has been going on at RBS still has the ability to take the breath away.
Submitted by the News and Current Affairs website on 2nd July 2015 (via

Strength of the pound is holding back UK exports
Despite the rise in economic activity in the eurozone, the strength of the pound is still holding back UK exports and keeping manufacturing output barely above the levels we were at during the recession.
The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (Markit) published the results of their July survey of purchasing managers having found that business conditions were “relatively subdued”. Improving consumer spending helped UK industry turn around a 26-month low in June, but it remains below the average seen since the economy began to pick up in 2013.
From The Guardian Manufacturing News 3rd Aug 2015 (via


Prudential looks East as UK shareholders baulk at AIG deal
After Prudential sees £3bn wiped off its share price, it may start looking East to fund its Asian expansion.
Submitted by British News Portal 12 hours ago (via

Lord Mandelson says he'll be back!
By Claire West Speaking at the annual Trade and Industry Dinner hosted by the Lord Mayor of the City of London Business Secretary [b]Lord Mandelson[/b] started his speech by saying that; “The benefit of giving this speech two years running is that it gives me a very clear yardstick to work...
Submitted by Wellington News 21 hours ago (via

Homophobic abuse on Northern line train - police appeal
Police officers have issued CCTV images of a man they wish to identify in connection with a hate crime incident on a southbound Northern line train between Leicester Square and Kennington.
Submitted by The News Tin 1 day ago(via

Fall In Business Investment Heightens Long-term Threats To The Economy
By Claire West Commenting on the preliminary [b]business investment figures[/b] for the fourth quarter of 2015, David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: The new figures are worse than expected and show alarming declines both quarterly...
Submitted by the News and Current Affairs website on 26th Feb 2015 (via

Mandy accused of screwing small biz
Giving more money to Google not good for Brits, is it? Web design and consultancy firms have reacted with outrage to Lord Mandelson's latest attempt to get more British small businesses online.… Case Study: WhatsUp keeps Legoland turnstyles ringing
Submitted by iftnews on 26th Feb 2015 (via

UK managers: resigned to the recession?
Never mind job cuts - an increasing proportion of British bosses are showing themselves the door.
Submitted by the News and Current Affairs website on 3rd August 2015 (via

Companies ‘blinkered’ about recession
The operating environment for businesses will ‘never return to pre-recession normality’ and a period of weak growth could continue until 2015, claims accountancy firm BDO. In a stark warning, based on a poll of 11 senior economists, it adds that some companies are ‘blinkered’ about the true state of the economy, and will ‘wither away and die’. Peter Hemington, p...
Submitted by SmallBusiness on 22nd Feb 2015 (via

Bank Should Give Greater Weight To Countering Risks Of Double-Dip Recession
By Lea Pachta Commenting on the [b]Inflation Report[/b] published today by the Bank of England, David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: “The report acknowledges that inflation is likely to breach the 3% level over the coming months. However, we believe that this is a temporary...
Submitted by British News Portal on 11th Feb 2015 (via
Decline In Retail Sales Highlights Threats To The Economy
By Lea Pachta Commenting on the January [b]retail sales figures[/b] published today by the ONS, David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: “A decline in January’s [b]retail sales[/b] was predicted because of weather-related disruption, but the fall was worse than expected, and December’s figure was also...
Submitted by British News Portal on 19th Feb 2015 (via

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